The screenshot above, is what I made last month, recurring. That means, I wake up on the 1st, even if I don’t work, I know I have $27K coming in.

So, what’s the best business to start in 2024?

We call it Local Marketing, but if you want to stay on the trends of the “Gurus” then you may have heard the term SMMA. In the end, all you are doing is connecting buyers with businesses and charging to be the middleman. We like to say, “being a bridge to local businesses”. We do this a number of ways, all of which use free and paid traffic.

Here’s 15 reasons it’s all that and a side of fries.


“House Cleaning” is one niche. “Towing” is another niche. “Med Spa” is another. “Dental Implants” is another. “Divorce Lawyers” is another. “Landscaping” is another. See where I’m going with this? Now how many different types of businesses are there? Hundreds, if not thousands. And how many cities are there worldwide? Tens of Thousands. So, if you think about your own local area, how many people really know the skill of driving more customers to these businesses? Crickets. 😉 Cool thing is, new niches are being born all the time! Cryotherapy. Electric scooter rental. Mobile IV therapy. The list goes on.


You won’t need $100k to start this business. You won’t need $50k. Not $20k. Not even $10k. A couple grand would be great, but you could launch with barely any capital. And no, not everyone has money laying around. But compared to what you’d need to run paid ads for affiliate marketing, or launch your own e-comm brand, or buy a franchise, that’s a drop in the bucket, isn’t it?


Nothing to store, sort, maintain or ship. Less hassle. Low overhead. Almost no risk.


Which means: no emails, no calls, no complaints, no drama, no distractions. Making way for quiet, peaceful, productive days, with a handful of happy clients.


Work anytime, anywhere—as long as there’s WiFi. Early mornings at Starbucks. From a lawn chair while your son’s at baseball practice. In your car while you’re waiting to pick up your daughter from gymnastics. On a bench, from your cell phone. Even from a poolside cabana. Hell, On the red eye home from Turkey. I’ve done it all, and then some.


The 2 page sites are drag-and-drop. Our custom software handles all the tracking, forwarding and billing. And if you get stuck, our support is top notch and runs live everyday of the week!


Once the system is set up, it goes to work 24/7/365 so you don’t have to. So go clone it. Tweak it for a new client. Land another house cleaning client, for example. Repeat. Or, pick a new niche in the same city. The options are endless. Either way, why stop? Why not run as many 2 page sites as you can comfortably manage? Even as a solopreneur, you can put serious recurring “revenue” on the books. Or, get your loved ones to help you, like I do, and you can handle even more.


As you can see, the work is all front-loaded. And don’t get it twisted: it will be work. But well worth it. Once it’s done and a deal is made, it’s all downhill from there.


As more people are using the internet today, there is no end to this. Businesses NEED more customers, and always will. The model never changes, and neither does the need.


No more hiding the mlm potions in your garage. No more drop shipping broken products from China that take 4-6 weeks to arrive, and dealing with angry customers. In this business. Tony the towing company is very happy to pay you $500 a month, because he made $2,000. Do you think he will EVER stop? Crickets….


Building something real. Helping small businesses and the communities they serve. Having an impact. Deserving each and every dollar you earn.


Just hand out samples, like the nice old lady at Costco. As in, “Here, have some leads. And if you want more, let’s talk.” Let ’em sell themselves. Then, once you get some wins, word spreads. Soon, business owners will come to you.


They don’t have the time or interest to learn this stuff themselves. And for every dollar they pay us, they typically make three to five times that much back, so it’s not like we cost them anything. We’re the bill that pays their bills. Soon, they will invite you to a nice steak dinner, ON THEM!


The 2 page sites are YOURS. If, for some reason, a business decides to move on, guess what? That 2 page site that has been cranking out leads, you take with you. All you have to do is find another “Tony the towing company”, and use past results to sell future results for “Terry the towing company.” You already got Tony results, why wouldn’t you get Terry results who runs the same business down the street? Crickets….


No more waiting weeks for itty-bitty commissions. No more being at the mercy of policies, procedures and friggin’ fine print. Oh, and what if, on occasion, a client doesn’t pay? Well, with a few clicks of our handy-dandy software, you can pause their leads. Or reroute them to a new client. Sounds harsh, I know. But that’s business. You want that ability, trust me. Control is power. Power to put food on the table. Power to charge what you’re worth. Power to get paid on time, every time. Also, it’s respect. Funny how well you get treated when you have something other people so desperately need. Most importantly, you set the rules. “I’m available via text, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, if you need me. Please. No calls or emails. And nights, weekends and holidays are for family.” Now that’s freedom. And thanks to this brilliant business, it’s within reach.


Why am I telling you all of this? What’s in it for me? Obviously, there is something for sale. The process, the step by step action plan, the roadmap, the software to make it all happen, and the most important. THE SUPPORT & COMMUNITY. With 7,000 other people running the exact business model, how could you fail? Our community helps, supports and even partners. However, put your wallet away, because in the end, we have to accept you into our family first, and you have to feel the value to accept us into yours.


You found this page by using the internet right? Then you know this works, because that is EXACTLY how customers find businesses. All we do is put the business in front of people searching for their services, and BAMM money in the bank! Now that you are convinced, take the next step. Click the link below and watch the entire video on the next page.


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